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SafeT360 is a world-leading interactive virtual reality program designed and delivered by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA). NTA are privileged to have the opportunity to deliver this programme to New Zealand through a newly formed partnership with the Australian Trucking Association. 16–25-year-old young drivers in New Zealand are overrepresented in road fatalities and serious injuries. There has been phenomenal success of the SafeT360 programme in Australia and NTA hope the same effects will be had New Zealand, to help save the lives of our most vulnerable road users. A huge thank you to the foundation sponsors, and to the ATA for this invaluable collaboration. 

EXPERIENCE Road Safety From Every Angle

SafeT360 puts you in the virtual driver’s seat to show you how to stay safe on the road. SafeT360 will give you the know-how and insight you don’t get from learner driver road codes. SafeT360 is an interactive exhibition that uses VIRTUAL REALITY and interactive messaging all packed into the NTA Road Safety Truck. Visitors to the exhibition will leave understanding where a truck’s blind spots are, how long it takes a truck to stop, the dangers of distraction, and other tips about how to keep themselves and others safe around trucks. Everyone has a role to play in road safety, whether behind the wheel, on two wheels, or on foot.

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IS NOW In New Zealand

SafeT360 is now installed in the NTA Road Safety Truck. the trailer has undergoing exciting design improvements to accommodate the programme, with new technology and real truck seats. SafeT360 is a real visual experience as soon as you walk through the doors. SafeT360 is focused on young drivers aged 16-24-years-old. Which means senior schools are invited to request the truck to visit their school. Use the request form below and we will get in touch to plan a visit. We realise the truck cannot be everywhere in New Zealand, which is why the programme can also be available online for schools. NTA will provide information packs and resources (including cardboard 3D goggles) that will facilitate the online virtual reality programme. All participants will need is access to a phone. As always, this programme is free as New Zealand Trucking Association believe all young drivers should have equal access to information that may just save their life. A huge thank you to the Key Sponsors and Association Partners for making the delivery of the Road Safety Truck programmes possible. Please support these businesses whenever you can.

SafeT360 Booking Request

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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