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Road Safety Truck is going through a refurbishment 


26th November 2022


 VISITS 2022 / 2021

2021 AUGUST 16 - Rangiora Borough School

Man is this Penske, MAN built to last?! After visiting Rangiora Borough School, over 40,000 participants of the NTA Road Safety Truck have climbed into the MAN cab, and it still looks brand new. A huge thank you to Penske for supplying the 640hp MAN for this programme and all our industry sponsors for making these visits possible. Kids are getting a real life experience on how to share the road safely with big trucks and this is ultimately saving lives. Rangiora Borough were fantastic students, soaking up the messages and really engaged with the activities, not wanting to leave the trailer until they had completed all the safety tips. These books are a wonderful resource, thanks to New Zealand Trucking Magazine for the booklet printing.

2021 JUNE 15 - Geraldine Primary School

The NTA and Road Safety Truck once again teamed up with Wood is Good to visit Geraldine Primary School to share messages and resources. Each student was given a Be Safe Be Seen high vis vest donated by Port Blakely and Warerings Transport generously brought along two awesome log trucks for the students to explore and learn all about wood and truck blind zones. Very engaged and excited kids, it was a rewarding experience for the teams.

2021 JUNE 2 - Addington Primary

Addington Primary School has been at the top of our list to deliver the Share the Road with Big Trucks Programme to, as they have an enormous amount of trucks travelling past their school each day, with teachers and parents very concerned about the safety of students. The school has a major freight route right at their front gate, so it was important for us to spend the day raising awareness about safety around trucks and giving tips on how to share the road. A huge thanks to NZ Express Transport for teaming up with us and bringing a glistening new Kenworth along to help share the messages. It was great to work alongside the local Road Safety Coordinator from Selwyn District, who was thrilled we could visit.

2021 APRIL 16 - Paroa School