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A how-to guide for new operators joining the industry. Useful for existing transport businesses as it is packed with information on how to run your transport business to be safe, sustainable, and profitable. Lots of great ideas on ways to save money. Access to deals and discounts through the association’s partnership programme. It includes unlimited cost models. These are a valuable tool when applying for finance to purchase your first, or next heavy vehicle. The association has built up a network of capital finance lenders, which are profiled in the pack.

Over the years the New Zealand Trucking Association Cost Model has become one of the most respected sources of unbiased information about the true costs of running a transport company. It can assist you to renegotiate a contract using the document to support your business case.  Business templates are being developed that you can easily customise for your company. Information is sent out regularly via email and regular newsletters keep you updated as rules change or are proposed to change, so you have time to let us know what you think. 

Owning and running a transport business is tough at times. Especially having to deal with compliance, staff, rising costs, and changes in the industry. The association can help in many ways, helping you to understand a compliance issue right through to giving advice on a staff or a safety issue. Our networks are vast and if we do not know the answer, we know who to call. This is very valuable to a company. 

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A complete resource pack that will help you in your business

FAF Calculation Sheet and Business Cost Modelling Service

Complimentary for Members. Join Now

“I had many cost models prepared by the association until I found the contract that stacked up. I have now grown my business from 1 truck to 4 and I couldn’t have done that without the association.”


“I was finding it difficult to obtain 
finance until I got a cost model 
prepared by the NZ Trucking 
Association, then I was able to get the finance in 2 days.”


“I got a contract offer but the rate was very low. NZ Trucking Association prepared a cost model and I took this back to negotiate a new rate – I Won.”



The Transport Operator's Business Pack has been divided into key modules so you can simply access the information you need at the time. These resources are available to members only, join now to access this information.


CDL Commercial Driver Inside of His Truc


Learn about the following:

Apply for a Transport Service Licence (TSL)
Registering your business, Trading types
Taxes, GST, PAYE, ACC Levies
Book keeping, cash flow and budgeting templates
Business branding: Logo, business cards, website


Learn about the following:

Developing a Health & Safety Plan
Health & Safety at Work Act 2015
Basic H&S Manual Template
Template for pre-trip inspections
Logbooks and Electronic Logbooks
Driving hours
Near-miss and accident reporting templates
Managing speed and preventing rollovers
Chain of Responsibility
Driver Health & Wellbeing, managing fatigue
Investing in Telematics

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Woman truck driver proudly holding comme


Learn about the following:

Driver Licence Classes
50 MAX Vehicle permits
Overweight permits
Licence Endorsements
Qualifications & Driver Training
Vehicle Registration, RUC, CoF


Complimentary service for members

FAF Calculation Sheet

Review business costs

Check the viability of a new vehicle before purchasing

Assess new business contracts before signing

Unlimited cost models throughout the year



Complimentary service for members

Over the last 12 months NTA and NRC has been working with Infometrics Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan and Statistics New Zealand to build an interactive tool that will allow you to see the impact of cost increases to your business.
The Customisable Cost Index allows you to align the index to your business because there is no such thing as a generic transport business.

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Image by Scott Graham


Learn about the following:

How finance works

Specialised advice with the Association's Key Partners

Asset finance

Insurance that you need to put in place


The Association can save you money:

Fuel Discounts: BP, Z Business, McKeown
Bridgestone Tyres discount scheme
Valvoline New Zealand discount scheme
Member-only deals and discounts

Image by Michael Longmire
Go Team


Learn about the following:

How to employ staff correctly

TORO - Transport Organisation Register Online

Employment contract template/checklist

Pre-employment information sheet template

PAYE and IRD requirements

How to build a positive team culture

Alcohol & Drug use policy template

Diversity in the workplace

Handling employment disputes

Getting the right advice: Safe Business Solutions


The Association is your partner, learn more about:

Support whenever you need it
Referrals and specialised advice from our networks
Mentoring programme
Getting involved with the association's activities

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