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Since 1988 the New Zealand Trucking Association has been actively representing and supporting trucking related businesses. Our members range from small owner-operator businesses through to corporate Partners. Our role is to influence and inspire our members to succeed in both business and in their engagement with the wider community. As a not-for-profit organisation, the New Zealand Trucking Association promotes, supports and encourages our members to operate sustainable, ethical and profitable businesses. The Association acts to positively influence our members long term business viability by providing support, advocacy, advice, assistance and information. We support our members with a range of opportunities, products, services, and access to market leading group discount schemes that include fuel, tyres, oil and insurance.

The Association is proud of its proactive industry initiatives that focus on showcasing the industry, road safety, careers and driver health and wellbeing. We are the developers of the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck, Trucking Industry Show, Trucking Industry Summit, Trucking New Zealand Club and Trucking Careers Hubs.

Who We Are: Who We Are
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