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Share the Road with Big Trucks is designed to help road users understand a truck's capabilities on the road and how to stay safe around them. This programme illustrates, in an engaging and interactive way, common situations that road users and trucks find themselves in and gives tips on how to keep safe in each scenario. This programme would not be possible without the industry key partners and volunteers, so a big thank you.

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Check out the talking truck road safety videos.


See the road safety messages delivered in the programme.


Download and print resources and activities.


Keeping Safe Around Trucks Curriculum resources.


Programme Purpose

Trucks are a integral part of our economy. As New Zealand’s economy expands trucks will be needed to keep the country growing. It is expected that trucks will still carry over 90% of all domestic freight in 2042.

Many road users do not understand a truck's capabilities. This programme is designed to raise awareness of truck blind zones, stopping distances and give participants an engaging and interactive experience to help them understand how big trucks are and how to be safe with them on the road.

Trucks in New Zealand can weigh upwards of 44,000kg. You ultimately risk your life and others' if you behave dangerously around them. In 2015, 58 people died and a further 808 were injured in road crashes involving trucks. The team at New Zealand Trucking Association aim to put as many participants through this programme to help raise awareness and save lives.


Programme Delivery

After an introduction from the team, participants are invited to enter the road safety trailer. Inside you will find an engaging and colourful environment, full of technology and road safety messages. 

The Share the Road with Big Trucks programme video is played, which is about 12 minutes long. Each participant is given a take-home road safety activity book. This book has all of the safety messages in it and a range of games and activities to encourage continued learning. Students have time to complete some of the activities while they are in the trailer, using the Samsung tablets. Younger students are able to practice their driving skills on the play tables.

In groups, participants are then invited to climb into the truck cab and sit in the driver's seat for a demonstration of the blind zones and the opportunity to ask the truck driver any questions. Bicycles are set up in the blind zones to show what the driver can and cannot see. At a school we allow 30 minutes per class and can fit up to 40 students inside.

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