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New Association Partners


NTA are proud to announce the new Partnership with SGESCO-MAX. SGESCO-MAX create active and passive vehicle safety devices and warning systems to help solve our customer’s complex safety challenges and are known for being a solutions-driven company. Our research and development team has developed a range of products such as anti-rollaway breaking sensors, reverse and side watch radars, seat belt and driver warning systems, as well as speed and RPM limiting control devices. The key benefits to our clients’ organisations include enhanced safety, reduced driver risk, reduced property damage and reduced insurance claims. Overall, we enhance company performance and workplace health and safety. Today, across the Australian and Asia Pacific regions, our solutions are used in thousands of heavy vehicles as part of tailored factory-built solutions, or as aftermarket safety modifications.

Our New Zealand based Dealer is AUTOKRAFT Electrical and Diesel. Gary Puklowski can help with any enquiries, email: 

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NTA are proud to announce the new Partnership between the Association and HealthNow. HealthNow makes healthcare more accessible and ensures patients/employees accessing health in the private sector never neglect or delay the health they need. HealthNow provides a solution to both health businesses and end users to lubricate the transactional experience for patients, providing the opportunity to prioritise their health in a dignified manner HealthNow is a FinTech/HealthTech solution that improves access to health-based services, simultaneously increasing opportunities for patients to live healthier and health-based businesses to thrive economically. HealthNow’s core products are:

  1. Employer contributions to Health Wallet. Providing employers with a mechanism to be part of an employee’s health, creating deeper employment connections, and aiding to keep productivity at its highest with a healthy staffing unit.

  2. Self-insurance helps our end users prioritize their health needs and put money aside for the small things in advance. Promoting a prioritized health system.

  3. A BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) specifically for the healthcare sector. HealthNow’s BNPL service applies a health-specific lens understanding of the needs of the market and ethical product that is committed to meeting the consumer needs and their budget.

NTA are excited to work with HealthNow to promote their solutions to the industry, especially Employer Aid. We all know the industry has poor habits when it comes to staying on top of health and wellbeing. If you are an employer looking for a simple way to add employee benefits to your workplace, then download the Employer Aid Information sheet and find out how it works. It's as easy as allocating a selected dollar amount to your employee's 'Health Wallet' app each year (you choose the amount, could be $50 could be $250!) Your staff then have the means and encouragement to go and get a yearly check up using these funds, keeping your workers healthier and your workplace safer. With the added bonus of making your staff feel more appreciated and valued with an employee benefit that may even save their life. And the great part is, you only pay for what is used, so if your employees don't end up using the full dollar amount given to them each year, then you don't pay for the excess. No fees, no catch, just a simple solution. Every $1 you spend on health has a ROI of $6.

New Associate Supplier


Trade Jobs NZ is a jobsite and advertising company specifically built for the Trade Industries on New Zealand. We promote Industry category jobs and employers with our wide reaching targeted marketing and advertising campaigns for your specific industry sector. For employers we offer a Directory listing, and employer pages promoting your employer brand with links to your own websites. For individual job advertisements we offer a range of posting options and advertising campaigns with our media partners to drive candidates to your roles. We are active in the community, working with industry partners, training organisations and community groups to help grow the candidate pool to solve the skills shortage problem now being faced in Aotearoa

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