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The Association's Political Body

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Road Transport Forum New Zealand was set up as a national body in 1997 to responsibly promote and advance the interests of the road transport industry and its member associations. It is the RTFNZ's role to provide unified national representation for the associations. Joining the Association, automatically gives you membership to the RTFNZ and helps fund this organisation to represent your interests at government level.  

The Forum exists to:

  • Represent the interests of road freight operators nationally

  • Work with national, regional and local government to further the development of an efficient and cost effective road freight sector

  • Respond to Government initiatives affecting the industry

  • Actively promote measures to encourage further development of the road transport sector with key policy setting and enforcing Government departments

  • Build wider public awareness and understanding of the contribution road freight transport makes to the lives of all New Zealanders

  • Keep members fully informed on matters affecting their businesses and the industry as a whole

  • Maintain regular communications with members to hear and understand their views and aspirations

  • Encourage new entrants by supporting the industry’s training organisation


CEO of the RTFNZ, Nick Leggett, writes topical articles posted to an online blog on the Forum's website, see this below.