Fuel Discounts

Fuel Discount Schemes

The NZ Trucking Association's fuel schemes are set up to help businesses stay competitive. By bulk buying we can offer substantial discounts which can increase the profit margins in a business. 

We can provide a free fuel analysis to help you decide if our fuel schemes will suit your needs better. We can also advise the best way to use your fuel cards.

We don't advertise our Fuel Schemes so if you know anyone who you think could benefit from the discounts then please let us know and we will contact them.

You can apply to have cards with all of our fuel companies and pay no fees* or transaction charges. *Mckeown small card fee applies every two years.

Remember we are here to help you make your business more successful, so make sure you check in regularly to our Members Deals and Discount section because we are always negotiating deals for our members.

Call 0800 338 338 or info@nztruckingassn.co.nz

APPLY TODAY for a fuel card on the NZ Trucking Association discount scheme
- make sure you return the applications to NZ Trucking Association




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