Cost Models

The Trucking Industry Cost Model is a document that is prepared by the Association's CEO Dave Boyce. The cost model is prepared based on our industry knowledge and the information you provide about your business or proposed business. The purpose of the document is to show you in easy to understand language whether or not the business is viable and profitable.

Dave Boyce has developed the model using his 30 years experience of owning and running a transport business. Dave is straight shooter so he wont exasperate the figures, what you will get is the cold hard facts.

Because of Dave's experience and independent position, the NZ Trucking Association cost model is a valuable document that can be used when applying for financing as it is respected by financial institutions.

Its a powerful document to use when you need to negotiate contract rates.

Dave can offer other advice so as a member you have this on tap when you need a sounding board. Or you need to know who to contact about an issue. 

If you would like a cost model prepared  - CLICK HERE 

Once you have completed the form please email it or drop into our office and from there we will contact you for a discussion or to make an appointment.


Trucking Industry Cost Models are *FREE* for NZ Trucking Association Members. 

If you are not a member and would like a cost model prepared the cost is $452.31 including gst. This includes a complimentary membership for 12 months to the association. At the end of the 12 months you can continue your membership as a full member.

Contact us today to tailor your membership to your business.


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