Truck Road Safety Program



We have developed a truck road safety program to highlight some simple tips to help people share the road safely.

The program is suitable for preschoolers right through to elderly road users.

The program starts with an address to the group from Dave Boyce CEO NZ Trucking Association. He explains why we are there and what the program is all about. The participants are then invited to climb into the truck and the driver explains to them the blind zones and answers any questions.

They then enter large gazebos to walk through our engaging oversize banners. These illustrate our safety tips and are an interactive way we can explain the issues that are on the road. They show safety tips on how to react and behave around trucks in different road situations. The play area is set up at the end so the participants can drive toy trucks around a NZ road way. When they leave they are given a safety booklet which contains all of the images and safety tips from the banners. We encourage them to share this with family and friends. 

We are very grateful for support of our industry volunteers. Having real life truck drivers is so powerful at helping to get the safety tips understood. 

The next stage is to continue to develop Videos, Talking Trucks and Games.An educational portal is soon to be released this will include resources for teachers. 

Would you like to get involved either as a volunteer on the day or as a sponsor?

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TV3 Story News

NZ Trucking Association taking truck road safety to schools.

We are very excited to share the news story that the TV3 Story News team put together about sharing the road safely with big trucks.

It was kind of Cheviot School to allow the news crew to film the program. Thanks so much.

Talking Trucks

We are currently developing some of our favorite trucks to talk about the safety tips.

Barney Boy is a fully restored Kenworth Truck and the voice over is the STL owner Shane Pearson.

Their are more talking trucks coming soon.

Road Safety Videos

Truck Blind Zones

Be aware of blind zones around a big truck. If you are travelling behind a truck if you can't see the side mirrors of the truck then the driver can't see you.

Move out of the blind zones as soon as you can. When you enter to lane in front of the truck make sure you maintain your speed - remember the truck is large and heavy and takes a long time to stop.

Cyclist Blind Spot

If you are riding a cycle and you are sitting in the marked green cycle lane be aware that if a truck is beside you the driver may not know you are sitting their.

Its best to sit back and let the truck complete its turn. Watch out for air turbulence as the truck moves past you.

Air Turbulence around Trucks

Air Turbulence is a shock if you are not aware that it is coming. All the air that is moved as the wheels go around can effect the stability of a small vehicle, motor bike or cyclists.

Here is some tips to keep you safe while sharing the road with big trucks.

Pull off the Road Safely

When you pull over make sure you pull completely off the road. Trucks take up the entire lane.

Check your mirrors before slowing down to pull off the road. Trucks take a long time to stop and the driver may not know your intentions. 

If you are being followed by a truck indicate as long as you can before pulling off the road. Trucks also travel at up to 90km so make sure the road is completely clear before pulling out onto the road again.

   Educational Portal

    Here you will find facts about the trucking industry along with PDF resources that can be printed for classroom use.

Clearview School Rolleston - May 27th 2016

770 Students, Teachers and Parents 

It was very exciting to launch the program at Clearview School in Rolleston. 770 eager students class by class participated in the program. Rolleston is a growing town which has a large number of trucks due to the Izone development nearby and SH1.

Redcliffs School Christchurch - July 4th 2016

180 Students, Teachers and Parents attended.

A large number of trucks are in Sumner helping with the rebuild so it was appropriate to have a concrete truck from Allied on hand to help teach the kids about how to keep safe around trucks.

Aged Concern

Over 6000 people attended the annual aged concern day out. 

Cheviot School North Canterbury - July 29th 2016

250 Students, Teachers and Parents attended

Cheviot school is located right on the busy SH1 so the see a lot of trucks through the day. TV3 Story program attended and recorded a news item about the program. The local preschools also attended.

Amberley School

250 Students, Teachers and Parents attended

Amberley school is located on a by-pass road that leads right onto SH1. The school gates see a large number of truck movements each day as trucks use this way to head North and South.

Waimairi School

520  Students, Teachers and Parents attended

We joined in with Christchurch City Council cycle safety program to show the students how to share the road safely with big trucks. 

Share the Road Safely with Big Trucks -  take home booklet

Thank you Heavy Trucks for lending us Trucks to take to schools, community groups and businesses

Thank you NZ Transport Agency for helping us get started

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