EECA Fuel Efficency

Truck Fuel Efficiency Programs benefit everyone

Truckies and fleet operators could each save tens of thousands of dollars every year under a new Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) programme launched by Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley.

"Trucks transport door-to-door almost everything that is used or consumed in this country. The cost of freight makes up part of the retail price of most goods and services, so a more efficient transport fleet benefits the wider economy," Mr Heatley said.

EECA's Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency programme will help fleet operators cut their fuel bills by 10% on average, with some achieving savings of up to 20%.

"If all heavy vehicle fleets in New Zealand reduced their fuel bills by 10%, nationwide savings would total around $130 million every year.

"At company level, a fleet of 25 trucks using a million litres of fuel annually could realistically make savings of $130,000 every year," the Minister said.

"In an industry where profit margins are typically as slim as one to four per cent, these sorts of savings will make a significant bottom-line impact."

Delivering fuel savings of at least 15 million litres by 2014, the programme will result in around $20 million worth of diesel fuel savings nationwide and reduce carbon emissions by around 40,000 tonnes.

Special advisors trained in fuel efficiency are available to work directly with fleets and put in place tailored fuel efficiency programmes.

The advisors can help fleets access financial assistance from EECA, while a best-practice fuel efficiency information resource, featuring practical tips and information, is available on the

EECA Business website.

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