NZTA Fact Sheets

Occupational Driving

2 Work Time and Logbooks
5 I Endorsements: How to Become a Driving Instructor
10 F Endorsements for Driving Forklifts
15 Passenger Service Vehicles
18 Volunteer Drivers and Exempt Passenger Services
21 Taxis and Shuttles: Rights and Responsibilities
37 D Endorsements for Carrying Dangerous Goods
40 R, T and W Endorsements for Special- Type Vehicle
42 P Endorsements for Carrying Passengers
46 V Endorsements for Vehicle Recovery Services
47 Transport Service Licences
48 O Endorsements: How to Become a Testing Officer
61 Renewing Driver Licence Endorsements
66 Driver Licensing Courses for Licence Classes and Endorsements

Driver Licensing

11 Driver Licence Classes
20 Identification for Driver Licensing
45 Learning to Drive: Getting Your Car Licence
54 Upgrading Driver Licences From Paper to Photo
56 New Residents and Visitors- Driving in New Zealand
57 Older Drivers: Licence Renewal
65 Overseas Travel by New Zealand Driver Licence Holders
70 Heavy Vehicle Driver Licences
72 Overseas Driver Licences: Converting to a New Zealand Licence

Vehicle Registration/ Licensing

6 VINs: Vehicle Identification Numbers
9 Reregistering Your Vehicle
19 All- Terrain Vehicles Registration, Licensing and Safety
27 Exempt Vehicles from Registration and Licensing
49 Vehicle Licensing
71 Registration Plates
74 Vehicle Registration Cancellation

Transporting Dangerous Goods

64 Transporting Dangerous Goods
67 Dangerous Goods Carried by Transport Service Operators or for Direct Reward
68 Dangerous Goods Transported as Tools-of- Trade
69 Dangerous Goods Transported for Domestic or Recreational Use

Driver Safety

24 Fatigue Staying Awake While You're Driving
33 Speed: How to Use Speed Limits Safely
34 Sharing the Road with Trucks and Oversize Vehicles
52 Flush Medians

Road User Safety

7 Child Restraints
26 Kea Crossings: School Crossing Points
30 Safety Belts and Airbags

Charges & Duties

14 Excise Duty: Who Can Get Refunds and How
38 Road User Charges Light Vehicles


13f Heavy Buses
13g High Productivity Motor Vehicles


16 Diabetes and Driving
17 Epilepsy/ Seizures and Driving
23 Dementia and Driving
25 Vision and Driving
31 Disabilities and Driving
36 Head Injuries and Driving
51 OT Assessment: Occupational Therapists and Driving

Vehicle Dimensions & Mass

13 Vehicle Dimensions and Mass- Guide to Factsheet 13 Series
13a Heavy Rigid Vehicles
13b Light Rigid Vehicles
13c Heavy Trailers and Combination Vehicles (full, semi, simple, pole, A-and B-Train)
13d Trailers: Light Simple Trailers
13e Static Roll Thresholds (SRT)
53 Overdimension Vehicles and Loads


4 Taxi Drivers, Area Knowledge Certificates and Language Requirements
50 Limited Licences
55 Driving Offences and Penalties: Disqualifications and Suspensions
58 Alcohol Interlocks
62 Roadside Licence Suspension
63 Impoundment of Your Vehicle at the Roadside

Buying and Selling

41 Buying and Selling: Your Legal Obligations


1 Cycles: RoadRules and Equipment

Importing Vehicles

35 Importing a Vehicle Temporarily
44 Importing a Motor Vehicle
44b Special Interest Vehicle

Vehicle Safety

22 Bullbars
39 Vehicle Windows, Wipers and Mirrors
73 Vehicle Lighting: How to Install and Use Lights Safely


60 Index-All Factsheets

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