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When you are involved in a transport business you’re a busy person.

Keeping up with compliance is one thing, understanding it can be another. Knowing whether the contract you have is going to be sustainable and profitable is quite a worry.



NZ Trucking Association 

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and significnt business backgrounds. Headed up by Dave Boyce CEO, who in previous years before this role spent many years running his own transport business. 

The NZ Trucking Association Executive Board is made up of enthusiastic transport operators who are passionate about giving back to the industry.

Cost Modelling Service   This is free to members and is oftern referred to as our jewel in our crown. Because of the calibre of our experience, our cost model is respected as a document which actually gives a full and detailed picture of the business. The document can be used to secure finance and is a valuable tool to refer to when contracts need to be signed, negotiated, or a vehicle purchase is required for a contract. We are just a phone call away and available to help. 




Membership Services and Buying Scheme's 

On our members behalf we negotiate buying schemes. As a large group we can arrange discounts on fuel, tyres and other essential goods. Saving money on purchase will increase your bottom line.

We invite suppliers to join and support the Association and encourage them to offer deals and discounts to our members. We have dedicated a section to this so once you are a member you can log in and enjoy some great deals.

Business advice is included in your subscription. If we think you need more specilised advice from a lawyer or accountant we can suggest the best person for you to talk to. Depending on what the issue is, we have negotiated some free time with professionals as part of your membership.



Community and Safety

We take every opportunity to get involved with safety programs. It's very important that the industry is represented so we are very active in this area. Recently we have worked with Cycle safety groups to encourage a better understanding on how to share the road safely. Getting cyclists to experience the inside of a large truck cab and truck drivers to experience life from a cycle has been very successful.



Stakeholders Meetings

We attend all sorts of stakeholders meetings. Some of them are quite challenging but we manage to get our point across and make sure that they dont forget about the transport industry requirements.

Over the years we have gained respect and are now invited to participate in consultation meetings which give us the opportunity to ensure that our requriements are included in the early planning process. We don't always get our way, but it's better that we are there representing our members interests. 

Trucking Events

In 2014 we orgainised a trucking event, Trucking 2014, which was held at the Wigram Airforce Museum, Christchurch. This event was so successful that we are now going to run it every two years. The next event, Trucking 2016, is to be held 8th October 2016. This sort of event brings the industry together to network, show off, and feel proud of the professionalism that exists in the industry. 

Training and Seminars 

From time to time we have various meetings that members are invited to attend. 

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