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Each month our team contribute articles to various media publications. This is a way we can share our experiences and also introduce topics to start discussions. The articles written by CEO David Boyce and Executive Officer Carol McGeady are available to download. 

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Published Articles

  • How Easy is it to Get Your Truck License?
    Driving trucks is a big job and someone has to do it. Everything you can see around you has probably seen the inside of a truck before: the products you use each day, the food you eat, the materials that our houses are made of, and the roads we drive on, everything. Trucks play an important role in carrying both completed products and raw materials everywhere around the country, and without them, it would be difficult for the economy to function.
  • Trucking 2016 Showcasing the Trucking Industry to the Community
    The TMC Trailers Trucking 2016 show recently held at Wigram Airforce Museum Christchurch was a
    fantastic opportunity to showcase the trucking industry to the community. The show celebrated the professionalism of the industry and the drivers who lined up 338 of their highly polished trucks side by side in the show and shine. With just under 21,000 visitors on the day, the show was a huge success.
  • Survival Guide to Driving Around Massive Trucks - Story News Segment August 3rd 2016
    There are 27,000 trucks registered to drive on our roads and some may think that's too many. But we need them and the goods they deliver. Last night near Tauranga, a car versus a logging truck left five men dead and a truck driver traumatised for life. The NZ Trucking Association says it is doing everything it can to prevent further tragedy.

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  • Trucking 2016 Show and Shine Could Break Record - Diesel Talk August 8th 2016
    The TMC Trailers Ltd Trucking 2016 event is a one-day show on October 8 at Wigram Airforce Museum where the public is welcome to participate in the day of a life of a professional truck driver. The event starts at 9.30am, concludes at 5 pm and entry is by gold coin donation, with all proceeds going directly to two children’s charities...
  • TMC Trailers Trucking 2016
    Trucking 2016 is a bi-annual trucking industry show and is being held again at the Wigram
    Airforce Museum in Christchurch on Saturday 8 October from 9.30am till 5.00pm...
  • Spreading the word about truck safety - Stuff article by Monique Steele 2nd June 2016
    The NZ Trucking Association has taken the initiative to educate the public about driving safely around the many trucks which take up New Zealand roads...
  • Sharing the road safely - June 2016 DIESEL TALK
    The Canterbury- based NZ Trucking Association kicked off its 'Share the road with Big Trucks' safety programme at Rolleston's Clearview School at the end of May, Putting more than 700 students through the presentation...
  • Is your workplace ready for women truck drivers? - May 2016 Deals on Wheels
    The New Zealand trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers, this isn’t a problem that is unique to New Zealand; the global trucking industry has a driver shortage problem...
  • Workplace Honesty - April 2016 Deals on Wheels
    We all want an to have an honest
    workplace where employees are
    trusted and we don’t have to
    constantly check timesheets, expense
    accounts, vehicle use, and fuel card statements just
    to make sure that our employees are not taking us
    for a ride...
  • What to do in a Downturn - March 2016 Deals on Wheels
    The downturn in the rural economy
    driven mainly by lower economic
    returns for dairy farmers is
    certainly having a significant
    impact on some sectors of the trucking
    industry. With less income coming into
    farms, farmers are looking to cut costs
    wherever they can, a case of business
    survival for many farmers...
  • Do You Have a Safe Driving Policy? - February 2016 Deals on Wheels
    Truck crashes on our roads in 2014
    resulted in 772 people being injured
    and a further 67 people being killed.
    This was 23 percent of all recorded
    road deaths and seven percent of all reported
    injuries on our road. Yet trucks only make up
    2.5 percent of the total vehicles on the road...
  • Managing Your Business Cash Flow - January 2016 Deals on Wheels
    uccessfully managing your business
    cashflow is essential for the survival
    of your business and for its future
    growth. Every business needs good
    cashflow to be able to meet its commitments
    and pay its expenses on time. There’s an old
    saying in business that “Cash is King”...
  • Are you a Professional Truck Driver? - December 2015 Deals on Wheels
    Being a truck driver is not just a job,
    it is a profession that requires a lot
    of different skills, even if the
    general public and the news
    media struggle to understand this at times...
  • Driver Shortage - November 2015 Deals on Wheels
    The trucking industry is facing a
    long-term shortage of skilled and
    qualified Class 5 drivers. This is
    more apparent in some sectors of
    the industry and in particular regions of the
  • Preparing Your Business For Sale - October 2015 Deals on Wheels
    The average age of business owners
    in the trucking Industry is in the
    mid-50s. This makes it increasingly
    likely that there will be a significant
    number of people looking to sell their
    businesses over the next 10 to 15 years. So
    how do you make your business an attractive
    proposition for a potential buyer?..
  • NZ Trucking Association Offers Business Mentoring Service - September 2015 Deals on Wheels
    For every new small to medium
    business that starts each year in
    New Zealand, just under 40 percent
    of these businesses will have failed
    within their first five years. So what is the
    reason that some businesses fail and others
    go on to be successful businesses? In the
    trucking industry there are a number of
    common themes amongst those businesses
    that fail:..
  • When Times Get Tough - August 2015 Deals on Wheels
    The road transport industry is a
    similar percentage, with approximately
    7500 businesses employing less than
    19 people. Unfortunately the survival
    rate for new businesses starting in the
    road transport industry is not great...
  • How Fit and Healthy Is Your Workforce? - July 2015 Deals on Wheels
    In an industry that is struggling to
    attract younger employees that are
    needed to help replace an aging
    workforce, it is becoming even more
    important to consider the health and
    well-being of your employees...
  • Get Involved In Your Industry - June 2015 Deals on Wheels
    Are you flat out working in the day
    to day operation of your business?
    Are you feeling like you are just
    treading water and not really
    getting anywhere? Do you want to grow your
    business and have more time for yourself?...
  • Financing a Business Asset - May 2015 Deals on Wheels
    When starting out in a new
    business or expanding an
    existing business, chances are
    you will need to obtain finance
    to purchase business assets – anything from
    plant and equipment to vehicles. There are
    many ways this can be done...
  • Wearing a Seat Belt Could Save Your Life - January 2015 Deals on Wheels
    Some people think wearing a seat belt is a hassle, but the fact is that wearing a seat belt increases your chances of surviving a crash by 40 percent, and dramatically decreases you chances of injury...

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