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Share the Road Safely with Big Trucks

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Trucks are a part of our everyday life so we need to know how to share the road safely with big trucks and we need to understand the industry and career opportunities.

Why are trucks so important for our economy?

As New Zealand’s economy expands trucks will be needed to keep the country growing. It is expected that trucks will still carry over 90% of all domestic freight in 2042.

Road transport is particularly important to regional New Zealand and the export industries which drive these local economies. Trucks carry:

  • 95% of export fruit
  • 86% of export wool
  • 85% of export dairy products
  • 65% of export logs
  • 35% of export meat

Collectively these exports are worth nearly $21 billion a year in overseas earnings.

What is the Road Transport Industry?

The road transport industry:

• Operates about 22,500 trucks
• Directly employs 24,250 people (about 3% of the fulltime workforce)
• Generates $6 billion in turnover each year (3% of New Zealand’s gross domestic product)
• Carries about 90% of New Zealand’s total land based freight by weight
• Drives the New Zealand economy. New Zealand and international studies show that, as a general rule, a 1.4% increase in road transport is required to support a 1% rise in economic growth

Types of Trucks

There are a many types of trucks they do different jobs.

Tipper Truck

Heavy Haulage Truck

Container Truck

Flat Deck Truck

Line-haul Truck

Logging Truck

Livestock Truck

Fuel Tanker

Recovery Truck

Crane Truck

Army Truck

Refridgerator Truck


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