Key Partners & Corporate Members

Key Partners

The Association is funded by membership subscriptions, rebates and sponsorship. Key Partners offer members specialised advice or a discount on purchases and support the Association by paying a rebate. Please support these Key Partners because not only will you have a generous discount but the Association is funded partially from the rebate. Contact us today for an application pack.

Corporate Members

Empowering your mobile assets with real-time and high definition intelligence - including engine management, driver behavior, in-cab camera, refrigeration monitoring, GPS Tracking and real-time alerts. 

Our powerful solution will put you in control of compliance requirements,drive cost efficiency, keep workers safe and drive revenue growth. 

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Running a fleet is hard work. We’ll help your company stay on schedule and show it how to be better than yesterday. We’re proven to help reduce fuel expenses, make you safer and keep your fleet compliant, just to name a few. Here’s how we can help:

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