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Modern Transport Trailers Lindsay

Modern Transport Trailers LindsayModern Transport Trailers Ltd

Is one of the largest manufactures of heavy transport trailers in the South Island of New Zealand. Based in Invercargill, Southland, Modern Transport Trailers specialises in light weight designed truck decks and trailers of most types.

Specialising in tare weight reduction

The company is dedicated to reducing excess tare weight without compromising on durability and strength..

Using the latest technology available in materials and designs, Modern Transport Trailers can help you increase your profits by allowing you to carry larger pay loads.

To find out how Modern Transport Trailers reduced truck deck and trailer tare weights can give you the advantage over your competitors, Contact Us today.

Trailers to suit a wide range of transport applications

Modern Transport trailers has a wide range of products and services. Visit our PRODUCTS page or click on any of the list below for more information.

  • Split tipping trailers
  • Lift outside tipping truck and trailers
  • Alloy bathtub truck and trailers
  • Steel bathtub truck and trailers
  • Stock truck and trailers
  • Logging truck and trailers
  • Curtainsider truck and trailers
  • Skeletal trailers
  • Manufacturers of High Quality, Low Tare Weight Trailers- Nationwide service


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