How will joining a trade association, help your business to obtain more quality clients?

Potential clients want to limit risk they will look to employ only reliable, knowledgeable people, they will want the optimum assurance available. Members of Trade Associations are generally viewed with a higher regard than those traders who belong to none.

Our members also speak with a collective voice through us, via the Road Transport Forum. More notice is taken of that voice in government etc and complex and simple issues do get raised and dealt with as you would want.

Members enjoy the many benefits of our group buying schemes and incentive programs such as reduced fuel and Insurance fees. We are adding to these all the time and we always welcome ideas.

We also investigate new or innovative products and services and give you good honest reports or opinions about them. This website contains not all of the available suppliers out there, just the cream of the crop. We are very choosy over who is listed.

We understand people can experience genuine issues, we are here to help. Our members only area contains a vast amount of information, in fact anything you will need is contained there.

You may only get one shot at getting it right for your business, get it right from the outset. Join our Association for instant access to the latest Transport relevant News, Specialist Services, Advice and also access our Partner Group discount schemes.  

Demonstrate to your potential customers that you are a Responsible and Kowledgable operator, by becoming a Certified Registered Member of NZ Trucking Association. 

Join the New Zealand Trucking Association here

(Application form & our terms of trade on page 6 of the above pdf link)



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